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Fuchu Factory

Head Office / Machine Tool Division

Fuchu Factory develops and produces high-speed precision cutting machines and circular saw blade grinding machines for both metallic and nonferrous metallic materials.
In addition, Fuchu Factory specializes in assembly, sales and contracted manufacture of rationalization facilities and machines.

  1. 852, Takahizuki, Fuchu-Machi,
  2. Toyama-Shi, Toyama, Japan, 939-2613
  3. Phone: +81-76-469-3330
    Fax: +81-76-469-5244

Nyuzen Factory

Saw blade & Tool Division

Nyuzen Factory offers a variety of saw blades for high-speed precision cutting of metallic and nonferrous metallic materials. It also produces special cutting tools on commission.

  1. 1230, Aoki, Nyuzen-Machi, Shimoniikawa-Gun,
  2. Toyama, Japan, 939-0643
  3. Phone: +81-765-72-0397
    Fax: +81-765-72-4552

Yatsuo Factory

Yatsuo Factory<

  1. 3-3, Yasuuchi, Yatsuo-Machi, Toyama-Shi,
  2. Yatsuo Central Industrial Estate, Toyma, Japan, 939-2366
  3. Phone: +81-76-455-3705
    Fax: +81-76-455-3707

Osawano Factory

Osawano Factory

High precision and good quality parts manufacturing.

  1. 171, Takauchi, Toyama-Shi, Toyama, Japan, 939-2254
  2. Phone: +81-76-467-2351
    Fax: +81-76-468-2959