Honesty, Endeavor, Creation.

We are rare comprehensive manufacturers of a metallic cutting in the world.
Our business is very wide, all things about cutting metal. Not only many types of sawing machine development / manufacturing but also saw blade regrinding machine, saw blade tools, lubrication system and oil for that system etc.
In the construction of the us of mutual trust with the society through the business, there are three valued words.
Honesty, Endeavor, Creation.
"Honesty" is for not only customer's needs but also the local society and the world.
We never regret "Endeavor" to be honest.
We always pave a new path and do new value in "Creation".
These three words are put our management concept we holding up from our foundation.
These words are used very often in our life. But it is very tough if we act as these words mean to. For this reason, we want to place importance on these three words. It is impossible to earn the trust of customers without practice these three words.

Yoshitaka Tsune

Chairman and Representative DirectorYoshitaka Tsune

Yoshihiko Tsune

President and Representative DirectorYoshihiko Tsune