Company Profile

Head Office Location 852, Takahizuki, Fuchu-Machi, Toyama-Shi, Toyama, Japan, 939-2613
Chairman and Representative Director Yoshitaka Tsune
President and Representative Director Yoshihiko Tsune
Foundation Feb. 1917
Establishment Apr. 19th, 1943
Capital 36 million yen
Accounting Once a year, September
Product Various metal sawing machine (circular, band, hack sawing machine, tube cutting machine), saw blade grinding machine, chamfering machine, automatic storage system with sawing, band saw blade, circular saw blade, various automatic transfer line accompanied to cutting metal, products of uninhabited system, sales of TSUNE Mist and TSUNE Lube
Equipment Machining centers, NC lathes, various inspection machines & tools, other new powerful 350 sets of machines & tools
Bank The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation


  • 1971〜1990
  • 1991〜Now
1917 Feb. Founded an ironwork at Hirabuki-Machi, Toyama
Baby Carriage
1923 Mar. Tsune Iron Works founded in Toyama.
1925 Apr. A branch factory in Toyama and Kanazawa Prisons.
1942 Jun. Plant designated by the government for manufacture of military supplies for the Maizuru Naval Shipyard.
1943 Apr. Factory was moved to Tera-Machi, Toyama and registered as TSUNE Iron Works Co., Ltd.
1945 Feb. Plant designated by the government for manufacture of military supplies for the Tokyo Warship Headquarters.
1959 Nov. Recognized by the chief of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency as a management rationalization model plant.
1962 Nov. Shinjo factory was established at Toyama machine industry center, Shinjo-Machi in Toyama.
1963 Apr. Start manufacturing and selling hack sawing machine, brand name "Economy"
Nov. Company name has changed to "TSUNE Seiki Co., Ltd".
TSUNE Seiki Factory
1964 Nov. Nyuzen factory was established at Nyuzen machine industry center, Nyuzen-Machi, Shimoniikawa-Gun.
1970 Jul. Start manufacturing and selling saw blade grinding machine.
Oct. Circular sawing machine has developed.
1973 Jul. Company building has built at Fuchu-Machi, Nei-Gun, Toyama.
1979 Oct. Expansion large assembly shop at main factory.
1981 Jun. Start manufacturing and selling band sawing machine.
1982 Apr. Expansion second office building at main factory.
Sep. Automatic band sawing machine TC series has developed.
1985 Apr. Expansion show room and engineering center.
1986 Jun. Automatic circular sawing machine, CK3 series has developed.
Oct. Automatic storage with sawing system has developed.
1988 Jul. Automatic circular saw blade grinding machine with NC has developed.
Oct. Automatic pipe cutting and chamfering machine has developed.
1989 Jun. Expansion large assembly shop at main factory.
1990 Apr. Brand name has changed from "ECONOMY" to "TSUNE".
Oct. High speed band sawing machine, CB4-260GNC received "Good design merchandize (G-Mark)" from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
1991 Jul. Expansion parts manufacturing factory.
1993 Aug. Automatic tube cutting machine with roll cutter has developed.
1995 Feb. Automatic grinding machine for large size saw blade has developed.
1998 Jun. Large plate cutting machine has developed.
Sep. Automatic high precision circular sawing machine, RKA63 has developed.
Nov. Automatic circular sawing machine TK5C-220 has developed.
1999 Mar. Automatic chamfering machine TMB-50 has developed.
2000 Jul. Expansion / reconstruction Nyuzen factory.
Oct. Take out ISO9001.
CNC automatic saw blade grinding machine, ECE45 has developed.
2002 Nov. Yatsuo factory has established at Yatsuo central industrial estate, Yatsuo-Machi, Toyama-Shi, Toyama.
2004 Mar. Automatic pipe cutting and chamfering machine, CKM9-70GL has developed.
Sales of MRE artificial carbon-dioxide enriched water supply systems started.
May. Expansion second assembly shop at main factory.
Sep. Commended by the director of the Medium and Small Business Research Institute.
Nov. TB4-433G developed.
2005 Mar. TSUNE AMERICA LLC, an overseas sales affiliate, founded.
Celebrated 88th year in business.
Nov. The 6th Private Show held.
2006 Feb. TSUNE SEIKI (Thailand) Co., Ltd., an overseas affiliate, founded.
Mar. Automatic high-speed band sawing machine TCB-400G developed.
May. Fully automatic carbide tipped circular sawing machine TK5C-102GL developed.
Nov. The second plant of Yatsuo Factory started to operate.
Automatic precision high-speed circular sawing machine TKA63 developed.
Submitted to the 23rd Japan International Machine Tool Fair.
2007 Jan. Celebrated 90th year in business.
Nov. Fully automatic chamfering machine TMB52 has developed.
The 7th Private Show held.
The Historical Record Center opened.
Dec. Nyuzen 2nd plant built.
Nyuzen 2nd plant
2008 Jan. New company emblem enacted.
Mar. Fully automatic carbide circular sawing machine TK5C-460G has developed.
May. Fully automatic carbide circular sawing machine TK5C-260G has developed.
CNC fully automatic Saw blade grinding machine TG2-450J2 has developed.
Company history book " Ayumi" has published.
Oct. JIMTOF 2008
2009 Nov. The 8th Private show has held.
Dec. Deburing machine TMW-70 has developed.
2010 Mar. FUTABA SEIKI Co LTD. merged with TSUNE SEIKI Co. LTD.
Oct. Fully automatic carbide tipped circular sawing machine TK100GL / TK130GL has developed, exhibited at JIMTOF 2010.
2011 May. TSB, LLC, an overseas affiliate founded.
Nov. The parmanental exhibition room, has opened at main factory.
Fully automatic carbide circular sawing machine TK-70GL has developed.
The 9th Private show has held.
2012 Feb. Celebrated 95th year in business.
Jul. Fully automatic carbide circular sawing machine TK5C-200G has developed.
Nov. JIMTOF 2012
2013 Oct. The 10th Private show has held.
Nov. TSUNE AMERICA LLC and TSB, LLC relocated from Columbus to Edinburgh, Indiana.
2014 Oct. JIMTOF 2014
Dec. TSUNE EUROPA GmbH, an overseas affiliate founded at Aachan, Germany.
2015 May. Fully automatic carbide circular sawing machine for non ferrous TK5M-260G has developed.
Oct. Expansion 3rd assembly shop at main factory.
Fuchu 7th factory
Nov. Nyuzen factory 3rd plant has reconstructed.
2016 Feb. Expansion and reconstruction of main factory.
Jul. TSUNE EUROPA GmbH relocated from Aachen to Alsdorf, Germany.
Nov. JIMTOF 2016
2017 Feb. 100th anniversary in business.
Mar. 100th anniversary celebration ceremony.
Jul. The 11th Private show has held.
Fully automatic carbide circular sawing machine TJ100GL and TJ130GL has developed.
Hack sawing machine PSB-210U are donated to Technical high school and college in Toyama.
2018 Apr. Expansion and reconstruction of 3rd factory.
Nov. JIMTOF 2018
Fully automatic circular sawing machine TK-80GL and Automatic chamfering machine TMB-40 have developed.
  • 1971〜1990
  • 1991〜Now