Circular Sawing Machine


High speed circular sawing machine.



This is a carbide circular sawing machine with excellent total balance of high-precision, high-rigidity spindle and bed, high-speed feed mechanism, operator support by CNC of cutting conditions, and semi-dry cutting for environmentally friendly.

Excusive Tipped Saw Blade

POINT 01Excusive Tipped Saw Blade

Excusive Tipped Saw blade can provide up to 40% higher productivity.

Easy maintenance of Chip Conveyor

POINT 02Easy maintenance of Chip Conveyor

Modular chip conveyor system for easy maintenance and various chip styles.

Clean Work Environment

POINT 03Clean Work Environment

Chip Shutter system reduces chip scattering by up to 95%.

Auto Loading

POINT 04Auto Loading

Wider bar loading zone up to a max. of 250mm from reference stop.

Safety Covers

POINT 05Safety Covers

Safety covers for base machine and auto loader can provide safer work environment.

High Speed / Precision GFC

POINT 06High Speed / Precision GFC

Faster GFC motion reduces cycle time, and increases productivity.

User Interface / Hydraulic Valve Cabinet

POINT 07User Interface / Hydraulic Valve Cabinet

Menu driven interface for simple programming.
Hydraulic valves next to the interface provides easy access for quick adjustment.


Base Machine Cutting range Round Φ25 ~ 130 mm
Square ■25 ~ 110 mm
Cut-off length 10 ~ 150 mm (Additional Support is required for over 150 mm)
Trim cut length 10 ~ 50 mm
Remnant end length 55 mm ~ ( 55 mm + cut-off length)
Saw head feed AC servo motor + Ball screw
Bar stock feed AC servo motor + Ball screw (600 mm / stoke)
Weight 3,400 kg
Auto Loader Magazine width 800 mm
Material length 3 ~ 6 mm
Max loading weight 3,400 kg
Weight 1,300 kg
Chip disposal Hinge type chip conveyor