Circular Sawing Machine


TKA50 is sawing machine for profile shapes and bundled material with various shape of vise jaws.
TKA50 has 2 types of gear box, for steel and non-ferrous.



TKA50 is high speed precision cutting machine, can be equipped with various shapes of vise jaws which ensure firm clamping of any shape of workpiece, as bar and tube in very small diameter, various shapes of material and bundled of each shape.


Base Machine Cutting range Round Φ4 ~ 40 mm
Square ■4 ~ 40 mm
Round tube Φ4 ~ 50 mm
Rectangular tube □4 ~ 50 mm
Cut-off length 8 ~ 600 mm
Trim cut length 10 mm ~
Trim cut length 63 mm ~
Saw head feed Vertical slide
Bar stock feed Pneumatic cylinder
Weight 600 kg
Auto Loader Magazine width Option
Material length Option
Max loading weight Option
Weight Option
Chip disposal Option