Circular Sawing Machine


TK5C-260G can cut large diameter materials with fast cycle time and high accuracy.
It is possible to operate fully automatic with auto loader, unloading system and so on.



The principal sturcture is composed of rectangular, automatic lubricated, precision ways attached to a rigid cast machine frame and high efficiency saw blade drive mounted on top of them.
For stable cutting, machine is equipped with large vertical and horizontal ises clamp material.
And wedge saw mechanism holds material securely.



Base Machine Cutting range Round Φ80 ~ 260 mm
Square ■80 ~ 225 mm
Cut-off length 35 ~ 300 mm
Trim cut length 35 ~ 50 mm
Remnant end length 160 mm ~ ( 160 mm + cut-off length)
Saw head feed AC servo motor + Ball screw
Bar stock feed AC servo motor + Ball screw (700 mm / stoke)
Weight 9,200 kg
Chip disposal Hinge type chip conveyor