Circular Sawing Machine


High speed sawing machine with carbide tipped saw blade.
Saw head and GFC feeding is AC servo motor with ball screw.



Today's high production cutting requires sawing equipment with proper balance of precision, simple operation and reliability, while giving due consideration to environment concerns.
TK130GL is a fully automatic circular sawing machine that has been developed by combining TSUNE's long experience with the latest in machine design technology.


Base Machine Cutting range Round Φ25 ~ 130 mm
Square ■25 ~ 100 mm
Cut-off length 10 ~ 150 mm
Trim cut length 10 ~ 50 mm
Remnant end length 25 mm ~
Saw head feed AC servo motor + Ball screw
Bar stock feed AC servo motor + Ball screw
Weight 4,300 kg
Auto Loader Magazine width 800 mm
Material length 3.0 ~ 6.0 mm
Max loading weight 3,800 kg
Weight 1,100 kg
Chip disposal Magnet screw type chip conveyor