Circular Sawing Machine


This circular sawing machine is for nonferrous alloy cutting. HSS and/or Carbide Tipped saw blades can be used, each with its own cutting speed range.



This is a circular sawing machine for non-ferrous metal cutting. A high-speed rotation specification for cutting aluminum and a low-speed rotation specification for cutting copper and brass are available. Gripper type automatic feeder system (GFC, Gripper Feed Carriage) is used for high precision cutting.
AC servo and ball screw are used for the saw head and material feed and touch screen data input, simple user interface provides easy set-up.
Moreover, shutter for splash prevention has been installed to create a cleaner working environment.



Base Machine Cutting range Round Φ10 ~ 90 mm
Square ■10 ~ 80 mm
Cut-off length 10 ~ 200 mm
Trim cut length 10 ~ 60 mm
Remnant end length 50 mm ~
Saw head feed Hydraulic cylinder
Bar stock feed Pusher and stopper
Weight 1,700 kg
Auto Loader Magazine width 700 mm
Material length 2.6 ~ 6.0 mm
Max loading weight 820 kg
Weight 500 kg
Chip disposal Option