Circular Sawing Machine


Circular sawing machine for non ferrous alloy with carbide tipped saw blade.
Saw head and GFC feeding is AC servo motor with ball screw.



Today, 30% to 50% of automotive parts are manufactured from aluminum because required both of strength and light weight, and more and larger parts to be produced in this way.
TK5M-150GL has been developed to meet this increasing demand for sawing equipment with high production rates and high precision.


Base Machine Cutting range Round Φ40 ~ 150 mm
Square ■40 ~ 130 mm
Cut-off length 10 ~ 200 mm
Trim cut length 10 ~ 50 mm
Remnant end length 85 mm ~
Saw head feed AC servo motor + Ball screw
Bar stock feed AC servo motor + Ball screw
Weight 2,300 kg
Auto Loader Magazine width 820 mm
Material length 2,600 ~ 6,000 mm
Max loading weight 1,500 kg
Weight 650 kg
Chip disposal Scraper type chip conveyor