Circular Sawing Machine


Circular sawing machine for non ferrous profile.
Saw blade travels horizontaly with long stroke, then returns "Origin" below the saw table.



The use of aluminum in manufacturing continues to glow for building materials, home applinces, electoronics, automobile and so on this is because light weight, fine view and workability.
Machine is required high precision cutting and productivily with good quality.
TK2M-2060G can meet those requiremennt.


Base Machine Cutting range Thin plate H 50 x W 600 mm
Square tube H 200 x W 600 mm
Cut-off length 10 ~ 450 mm
Trim cut length 10 mm (Manual set up)
Remnant end length 40 mm ~
Saw head feed Hydraulic cylinder
Bar stock feed AC servo motor + Ball screw
Weight 2,250 kg