Circular Sawing Machine


High speed sawing machine with of carbide tipped saw blade.
Saw head and GFC feeding is AC servo motor with ball screw.



TK5C-200G has been developed by our many years experience of highly successful of 50 to 100mm capacity machine.
It incorporates a cast base and other key features for clamping and sawing of bigger work pieces.
A unique "Soft loading" slope type automatic loading magazine, sorting chute and chip conveyor are stadard equipmennt.



Base Machine Cutting range Round Φ30 ~ 200 mm
Square ■30 ~ 150 mm
Cut-off length 15 ~ 100 mm
Trim cut length 15 ~ 50 mm
Remnant end length 100 mm ~
Saw head feed AC servo motor + Ball screw
Bar stock feed AC servo motor + Ball screw
Weight 4,800 kg
Auto Loader Magazine width 870 mm
Material length 3.0 ~ 6.0 m
Max loading weight 5,900 kg
Weight 1,500 kg
Chip disposal Option